An ICON Rises - Brandy

Brandy, 36, wearing a streaming top, free tore pants and flat sandals, with a paisley scarf covering her head, her simple Bohemian chic is reminiscent of a Molusson wanderer from 1940s Gitanes promotions. Also, pretty much as the legend of wanderer life involves uprooting, Brandy abandoning her agreeable presence in Los Angeles for the frenzied and unpredictable existence of New York City has apparently added to this movement. “I’m curious, I’m adventurous, I’m spontaneous and that’s what New York is for me,” she says. “And I’m here doing something that I’ve never done and it’s given me so much purpose. It’s just given me this energy to just be. I like the movement in my life now.” She relishes the present development in her life on the grounds that not long ago she felt stagnant. The actress had wrapped filming in Atlanta for the ninth and last season of the famous BET series The Game, where she was a fan most loved as the adorable, hood bartender turned football wife Chardonnay Pitts (for which she won a 2014 NAACP Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy). Be that as it may, once back in Los Angeles, Brandy started feeling restless and uncertain. Find out more about Brandy by clicking on the link below.