Who better to explore the tempting side of Dior's Secret Garden arrangement than Rihanna? The Barbadian pop star is a self-declared "bad gal" with a sharp feeling of enterprise simply the sort you'd hope to discover strutting through Louis XIV's Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles by moonlight.

In the simply discharged crusade pictures and teaser feature, both shot and coordinated by Steven Klein, Rihanna's interest takes all important focal point. She poses in the Dior So Real shades she cherishes such a great amount of encompassed by Diorama packs, and takes to the manicured gardens to demonstrate some skin in a hide best by Raf Simons. In keeping with genuine Rih styling, smooth cowhide pieces go hand in hand with a hefty portion of her looks, whether its a couple of burgundy gloves or a bend embracing coat she dons more than a sequined turtleneck. Find out more by clicking on the link below.