Moziah Bridges

My last recognition goes to the youngest and brightest, Moziah Bridges. Mo is a 12 year old mogul in the making. His granny demonstrated to him best practices to make neckties from scrap material utilizing hand sewing and a machine. He started to make them for himself in June of 2011 when he was only 9 years of age. At the point when his ties drew compliments and distinguishment, he sensed a market that is "Mo's Bows". 

Mo offers a mixture of fun, cool, and special tie toward oneself customizable ties for all events and all sizes (including infants). The standard Mo's Bows tie is flexible with sew-on snaps. This permits you the best of both planets in a "tie it yourself" bow and the snap "on the go" bow. Custom requests are welcome. An enormous determination of Mo's Bows neckties originate from his granny's vintage fabric, some that goes back over 50 years!!