Ayokillash "LA"

Ashely LA also know as "Ayokillash" has become one of my favorite ladies I've styled. Her sense of style, personality even her very own presence is amazing. She is a stylist as well as a aspiring fashion designer attending Johnson & Wales University for Fashion Merchandsing & Retail Marketing. She has done creative shoots, modeling, blogging etc. Her greatest inspiration, is her mother but in a more fashionable aspect than usual. One thing that really stood out for me through out this whole styling session was that; while everbody else focused on trying to match she was really trying to do the opposite. To me her since of style is a style that reaches far beyond the "think outside the box" phrase it self. As a free spirited individual, her presence is always positive and outside the "norm". As she reaches back into the 60s, 70s, and even 80s with her fashion garments and way of life, LA has grown to become well known for doing so. Be sure to hear her whole story and listen to her poem at the end called "Blame Game" by clicking on link below. story created by @themxstermind