Menswear blogs from GQ to Esquire have noted that today’s jeans market is so saturated with confusing choices that anyone trying to buy a pair of jeans that just fits is often frustrated.  If your body type doesn’t lend to the latest fit crazes, such as super skinny, do not beat yourself up. Jeans are a wardrobe essential and you should feel confident and comfortable in them. Stick with a classic cut and you won’t go wrong. 

Many men may like a certain wash of a denim but will not know what cut it comes in. What do I mean by this is you may ask. Well I'm glad you ask, denim comes in cuts such as (skinny, slim fit, relaxed fit, classic, straight leg, boot cut) but this is just your regular standard cuts. Some retailers such as Scotch & Soda carry more than your standard cuts, for example (tailored slim, supper slim, slouch slim, regular tapered, anti fit etc.) where as 7 For All Mankind which is your luxury denim, may have (slouchy tapper, slim straight, easy straight leg). Remember that each retailer has there own wash and cut for a denim.

First Things First: Know Your Size And Everything Else Will Follow

There are many brands that will have sizes like “30×32.” The first number is your waist measurement. The second number is the length of your inseam.

How to measure your waist:

    1. Measure around where you normally wear your pants. Be sure to put one finger between your body and the tape measure.
    2. Another trick, is to wrap the waist part of the denim around your neck and what ever size your able to complety do so, is the size of your denim

How to measure your inseam:

    1. When removing your shoes be sure to measure your inner leg from the lowest part of your crotch to the bottom of your ankle


Build A Wardrobe For Your Denim:

Yes thats correct, build a wardrobe for your denim. At times you may be wondering how to do this. You may want to start with at least three pair of perfectly tailored jeans: a dark, medium, and light wash. Doing so will prepare you for all four seasons and have jeans you can wear to a variety of events with different levels of formality. You can add colors, such as white, tan, or gray, once you have the essentials.



Depending on what cut and wash you wish to chose, you may want to go a size up or a size down.