Whisper Williams

North Miami Beach, FL
Partner & Model for model development company, Fahrenheit Models 

Instagram: @Whispaaah / @Fahrenheit_models

As a “ARTIST” what do you expect future “ARTIST” to learn from you.

In my opinion, being an artist entails enveloping a craft, of any kind, skillfully enough to peak the universal artistic eye inside of another. To the point where you make it look so effortless. From me I think other artists are able to learn the value of being fully aware but not completely prepared. When I show up for a photoshoot or a fashion show or even a business meeting, I'm overtly aware of my expectations as well as the vision. However, I never have a strenuous practice routine or over-analyze anything I plan to present. There's something so beautiful about being so naturally and uniquely candid and being good at it, that, to me, represents true artistry. They'll definitely learn that It's incomparable.

How do you think you're changing the game.

Honestly I just think I bring a different vibe. I'm like a Cali hippie exploring Urban Miami. Like Alice in Wonderland.  Image is everything for me; how you present yourself the first thing people know about you. But I'm down to earth, I thrive on positivity, I promote self-confidence and being one with yourself. I think I can bring the balance of beauty, brains and personality to the forefront. I want to push people, especially women, to be triple, quadruple, quintuple threats. Overall, I want to see everyone be their best selves.

Who’s the biggest influence in your work in the industry right now.

Well, if I had to choose the biggest influence in the industry right now for me, I'd select Kendall. I think that's why she gives me all of my life and more. Although she is surrounded by a lot of counterfeit, she remains true to her natural self, which definitely stands out above everyone else in her family. The amount of class she carries behind her name exceeds that of anyone else she's associated with. Chanel Iman for diving into acting as well as modeling. The Iman and Naomi Campbell for their longevity and never-diminishing style. And Cara! How could I forget the Delevingne sister in all our her magnificence. If I could, I'd be her. Me is she.