Luke Beach

Luke Beach
Miami, FL
Fashion, content creator, stylist, designer, model

As a “ARTIST” what do you expect future “ARTIST” to learn from you?

I want to inspire others to not settle and to chase their dreams because that's what I'm doing with my life. I want people to be themselves in their pursuit of passion, and that everything they put out should be done with excellence. It does not matter what type of art it is, but what matters is that the artist is doing what they love for the world to see.

How do you think you're changing the game?

I think I'm changing the game because I am creating things the way that I see them and by what moves me. I believe, everyone is a creative and everyone is capable, but not everyone sees things the way that I see them or are inspired by the same things that inspire me.

Who’s the biggest influence in your work in the industry right now?

I think that my biggest influence right now comes from a lot of streetwear brands such as Supreme or other brands such as OFF-WHITE and Fear of God.

Instagram: beardedbeach