Dwain Kammeron, better known as V.A.L is a Dutch-Surinamese born alternative rapper and songwriter from Miami, Florida. Growing up, he listened to Wolfmother, Red Hot Chili Pepper and Rage Against the Machine. By 13, he was introduced to Hip-Hop after listening to “Natural Born Killers” by Dr. Dre and gravitated toward West Coast rap. V.A.L cites N.E.R.D, Big L and OutKast as inspiration.


As a “ARTIST” what do you expect future “ARTIST” to learn from you?

What I expect future artist to learn for me is that it's OK to be you when it comes to creating. Creating without fear of outside elements is still something I'm learning to do but once I've mastered it I'd like to be a symbol for originality.

How do you think you're changing the game?

 Honestly I have no idea it's never been my goal, the goal for me has always been to create/inspire. The games been around longer than me, sure I'll probably change it or add onto it but It wouldn't to be a conscious effort I just need to stay on my shit so when it comes time to contribute it's all solid.

Who’s the biggest influence in your work in the industry right now?

FKA Twigs is my biggest inspiration right now she's transformed her body into her music and vice versa, she is her art and is one artist that I find no wrong in. I hope to one day to create on such a level and eventually work with her.

Instagram: val_kammeron