Reginald Thermidor


Reginald Thermidor
Miami, FL
Creative Director

I create a visual presentation that appeals to the right side of the mind, that captures your eyes and illuminates your soul. My work is a black hole of visual nirvana, you get sucked in and come out wondering what in the hell did i witness, from my photography to my fashion i want to bring that experience in every project i bring to life.

As a “ARTIST” what do you expect future “ARTIST” to learn from you?

As an artist I expect future artist to learn that you have to push the envelope and whatever you are doing. Always think outside the box, experiment, don't ride waves just create tsunamis! Procrastination is your number one enemy. There is always room for improvement, and surround yourself with like minded people, your team is important to your success! Music is life, without it your creative juices don't boil !!! 

How do you think you're changing the game?

I'm changing the game on my own terms, I do what I love and I do it to the best of my abilities. I respect all types of brands like supreme,bape, etc but people nowadays don't respect originality as much as they are supposed to. A true creative wants to look unique, wants to be distinguished from the crowd. I want my work to be unusually amazing, so I put myself In a position to do so. Colors are an amazing view from this side of the spectrum and I want to take advantage of that in whatever my mind brings into existence. I look at it like this, when I'm in the public eye if I don't get at least one " what the fuck are you wearing " for the day then I'm not dressed up to my standards! I want to bring the feeling into everything that is touched by me, from my photography to my fashion ! 

Who’s the biggest influence in your work in the industry right now?

So many people inspire me in different elements of my thoughts, my creations, my beliefs. I can sit here and be cliche with this answer but it is way too complex for a response because every creative I look up to are collages who essentially built me. So that means Kanye is just as important to me as Curren$y, and Pharrell is just as important to me as 2pac or Kendrick Lamar, Virgil ,Outkast , Gambino, Cavalli, Y-3, vangogh, Linas Viktor and etc. They all help mold me and they all are not trend setters but vision setters. Creatives open parts of the mind of other creatives, we all are walking chain reactions for each other. I do have to say tho I really admire what Ye is doing for us futurists, and I can say he has lit a firestorm inside of me after  replaying a couple of his interviews. He's recruiting a legion of world changers, it's like the modern day avengers ! It's incredible thing to witness but I'm planning on being on the team rather than witnessing greatness 

Instagram: royale_dreamer

tumblr: galacticspacedon