Marcus O'Connor



Marcus O'Connor, photography, and poet based out of Sunrise, Fl. He goes by the motto; "Search for life to live life, A different life", that goes by saying live to make yourself happy in what you do and create your own successful pathways. Do whatever it is you do best and make a living out of it...


As a “ARTIST” what do you expect future “ARTIST” to learn from you?

As an artist, I expect the future Artist to learn that you should never be afraid to be different. Just be yourself with your ideas and make them happen. 

How do you think you're changing the game?

I think I'm changing the game by doing things that other Artist are thinking about doing, but aren't. And I quote "Something you are thinking about doing, someone has already or is in the process of doing so." 

Who’s the biggest influence in your work in the industry right now?

The biggest influence in my work in the industry right now would have to be my closest friends, we influence each other everyday to be better at everything we do. 

Instagram: phvshion555