Kojo Coker


As a male model, his main goal is to inspire individuals to feel comfortable in their own skin and love who they are instead of trying to change something about their self. He loves giving advice to upcoming artist or individuals and always encourages them to keep on striving for greatness and success because life is not as easy we see on TV. It might take a while but the hard work will pay off. He's extremely interested in working with great photographers to build my portfolio and excited to walk in runway shows for great designers. When it comes to trying new things, he's all for it and would love a variety of styles, especially if they're out of the normal.  On the other hand, he recently attend Johnson & Wales University, to receive a  Bachelors Degree in Food Service Management. He loves spending time cooking, baking , dancing, reading, running and working out. Involving himself in his other interests above in some aspect is helping him to learn certain things about himself as person.

INSTAGRAM: zad_culturre